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We used to have some wonderful stalls when I was young. The baby clothes stall, the toy stall, a 50p stall.

There was a clothes stall, I think it was called Jilly‚Äôs stall, great clothes great prices! You could buy almost anything you wanted in the market. Saturday was the day you went up to the market and spent your pocket money. We got half a crown which was 25p, but you could buy a lot for that. 6p would get you into cinema, 1p would get you a bar of Cadbury chocolate, 3p that’s old pence I’m talking about would get you a bag of chips, and the rest you spent at the market. Those where the days the market was an adventure for us as kids it seemed so big and took ages to look around

I can remember when I was pregnant. My Mother and I went to the market. As I was quite far on and big, my Mother left me outside M&S while she did her veg shop. After waiting what seemed like forever, a very flustered Mum came running towards me. Apparently she had forgotten where she had left me, couldn’t find me, thought I had gone into labour and been carted off to hospital.

Bless her.

Originally published on 21st April 2016 in the Facebook Group by Dot Horsman

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