We Love Bury St Edmunds!

What is a Human Colour Wheel?, I was asked so many times.

With our wonderful Facebook Group, I wanted to organise some big events. With so many people in a group, you would think this would be quite easy. However Facebook has some seriously big limiitations which you are unaware of until you try to contact lots of people.

Creating an Event in Facebook is more complex that it sounds. Operating a group the size of WLBSE and more so enlightening members to an Event is tricky. Facebook allows you to invite up to 250 people, and they have to be both friends as well as members of the group. So publicizing something to 13,000 is particularly difficult.

James Sheen - Colour Wheel 2

James Sheen – Colour Wheel 2

Within the group we had talked about having a picnic in the park, that was the easy part. Surely it would be easy enough for people to take a picnic down to the Abbey Gardens in the middle of August, and just enjoy each others company.

Then one day I was walking through the circular gardens, when it struck me how wild it would be, to gather enough people around the perimeter and have a Mexican Wave… and then also for all of those people to move around the circle in a clockwise direction… I calculated that it would require at least 380 people to achieve this.

James Sheen - Colour Wheel 3

James Sheen – Colour Wheel 3

The idea played around my mind, and it was not until we had a photo shoot for the T Shirts, that the idea came up again. I discussed it with my fellow “models” (haha), and Graham Hayhurst suggested going for a target of 500 people. Yeah I like that… then it struck me that if those people were dressed in a colour order, like a colour wheel, how wonderful that would look… Imagine even if there was a drone taking photos of it too.. Ahh the possibilities are endless.

So I began to announce it, expounded the idea to the group, talked about it all the time, trying to stir people into action and getting out of the house, to meet new people and to stop just clicking the LIKE button on Facebook.

The week arrived when we were due to attempt this mad thing. And then I had a phone call from The Council. They told me that i really needed to get permission to do this. I told them I wasn’t aware, thinking that the Abbey Gardens are effectively a public place. Don’t assume stuff hey. As The Council, they naturally have a duty of care for the visitors to “public areas” especially where numbers of people are concerned.

I chatted with them about what i had in mind, and I had to complete some risk assessments. Everything was fine. There were no other events on that day, and we could go ahead.

James Sheen - Colour Wheel 4

James Sheen – Colour Wheel 4

Then the publicity machine kicked in a bit more. Julie Macleod talked about us on RWSfm 103.3. Julia Wakelam the mayor was excited about it, and I think I may have also mentioned it to Jo Churchill MP. I was also interviewed on Radio Suffolk by Lesley Dolphin.

Everything was set. The weather was touch and go but as it happens turned out good. The Bury Free Press was there, and a couple of reporters. So I did my piece to them telling them about the Wheel, and also about the Group and the forthcoming website, and also the party at Christmas time, “A Night 2 Remember”. There’s nothing like an overload with me!

So the time arrived for the setting up.. Sadly we did not have enough people to complete the attempt. So i switched plan slightly.. Instead of the circle turning, with a dodgy foot, I hobbled around the circle chatting with everyone who had turned up.

Reds at the entrance to the Abbey Gardens. Ther was Jill Crouch and her husband, the Gobey Family with Brian, Carl Whitehouse and his family all in red. Then it was hobble around to the people in Orange, Dot Horsman and Nemonee Stone, to name but two. Then another along to the yellow section, with people like Sinead St Leger and Sylvana and Vanessa. And so it went on…

I had a great time that day. I saw so many people I had not seen together for a long time. Old work colleagues from the original TSB, my new friends since I have moved back, Great friends amongst whom are Gold badge winners.

You all made my day. We didn’t complete the wheel.. which is good.. you know why? its because it means we can do it all over again, and this, was just our first attempt!

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