We Love Bury St Edmunds!

Inaugural Walkabout | We Love Bury St Edmunds | Helen Houghton

Our first walkabout with We Love Bury St Edmunds. A perfect summer evening, not too hot, not too cold – and above all else – not raining.

So began the “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” inaugural walkabout. Facebook Friends – some of them know each other, some don’t. Some look familiar- we might have seen their profile pictures; we might have seen them in town. We chat and laugh and wait, we gather like birds coming home to roost, arriving from all directions aiming for the entrance to the Abbey Gardens, we recognise the plumage – the bright shiny “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” badges…

One of our number is missing, we know he’s coming; we‘ve had messages, phones are checked, he’ll be here in 5! We can wait, there’s no hurry, we have nowhere to be, save for on our way; to explore. Our first Magical Mystery tour. The straggler arrives, time for a photo or two, or three; time for a quick chat, for introductions.

Then we’re on our way…

A motley crew of – wow! more than a dozen, more than a baker’s even – a good show for the first walkabout…

We set off through the kaleidoscope that is the Abbey Gardens in summer bloom – we cross the river and admire the modern wrought ironwork, reeds and bulrushes; so representative of our part of the World. We walk footpath and pavement, photograph the tree stump lovingly carved into a monk and his horse, with representation of the Abbey Gate where we so recently gathered. We look and admire and I think William Morris would be proud ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’ A good motto for Town planners – don’t you think?

Carol Street - First Walk 02

Carol Street – First Walk 02

Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and upwards – who said East Anglia is flat? We walk and we chat, we walk and admire. We Love Bury St Edmunds, that’s for sure. Along footpaths and pavements, passing dog walkers and families, shoppers and strollers. Dodging out of the way for cyclists, some serious and intent, some out for two wheeled summer exercise, some homeward bound after a long day.

Downhill Stretch To Home

Onwards and upwards, with the promise of a downhill stretch to home, along footpath, along roadsides, there are times you think yourself in country, not town. We walk and we chat. We pass coffee shop, pub and recreation grounds. We admire the flora and fauna and talk of gardens and other walks and footpaths and rights of way and other places we’ve been, other places we’d like to go. We talk of footpaths that we’ve walked and footpaths we never knew were there – we pass these places by at 30 mph, unnoticed, but there nonetheless.

And all the while it’s a perfect summer evening, not too hot, not too cold ~ and above all else – not raining.

Onwards and downwards, back into town, stop to admire the orchids on the way. Stop to catch breath and chat.

As we enter again into the town grid, we say our goodbyes, we wave and smile, say ‘thank you so much for organising tonight’. We gradually decrease our flock as birds fly off home to other roosts, other nests. Some stop on the way for liquid refreshment after a long inaugural walk. We vow to ‘do it again’ we discuss different walks. This is the first, but not the last – for We Love Bury St Edmunds!

And all the while it’s a perfect summer evening, not too hot, not too cold ~ and above all else – not raining.