We Love Bury St Edmunds!

Old Aquaintances

Thanks to this site I have been able to connect with so many old acquaintances and, what is even better, to reconnect with so many old memories which otherwise may never have been recalled.

Lunch at The Dog and Partridge

Only a couple of days ago, on Monday, We came to Bury in the pouring rain to show an American Stocking ‘cousin’ we had visiting, where I had been brought up and to meet my sister and Brother-in law for lunch at the Dog and Partridge. The American ‘cousin’ did not believe the story of the pipe directly connecting the pub to the brewery across the road either!! 🙂 Never ever had a bad pint there however.

The rain stopped after our lunch and not only had we been able to park in The D&P’s yard but we also went straight into a parking space on the Angel hill. I seem to remember that was much more difficult a few years ago.

Abbey Gardens or Park?

We then went around the Abbey Gardens (sorry ‘Park’ )and showed our visitor the USAAF memorials in the Rose Garden and of course the Magna Carta plaque and the graves of the Abbots. Sad to see that aviary and menagerie is now somewhat attenuated but I guess that it all costs money. Can one still buy an ice cream there? It seemed to be shut on Monday?

The gardens were as ever magnificent and will be even better when the empty beds are replanted for the summer. Sad also to see that the bowling green is now a children’s putting green? Are there no elderly and dedicated bowlers left in Bury? …..My Grandfather will be spinning in his grave!!

West Front and Lego Model

We then walked through to the West front of the abbey (glad one can still get through there) and round into the Cathedral where I was once an angelic Choirboy :-).

The organ has of course been moved to make way for the Tower but the choir stalls seem still to be more or less in the same position as I remember them. In talking to one of the guides and mentioning that I was in the choir in the fifties a man standing nearby, who I think was also connected with the Cathedral, overheard and said “Oh you must know the name ‘Collard’ then”? I did as I was in the Choir with Tim Collard, Neville his brother and their father Mr. Collard. (One never knew the Christian names of adults in those days let alone call them by it!) I said “Yes, The Collards lived next door but one to us in Mitchell Avenue”….. “I will be seeing Tim later today “ the stranger said, so I asked to be remembered to him.

Another connection made. I then purchased a few bricks to help build the Lego model of the Cathedral which has just been started.

Friends increasing

I hope that WLBSE will be following the progress of this build so that I will know when to come back and see the finished project. It was my sister who sponsored my joining this site, since which my number of Face Book ‘friends’ has been increasing seemingly exponentially, from the 2 which I had before joining .

The problem when coming back to Bury after a long absence and looking for people I used to know is that I realised after a while that I was expecting to recognise people I knew some 30 or 40 years ago!….which, unless Bury possesses the fountain of youth, would be almost impossible. So having this site at least enables me to sometimes see a Face Book page of a name I recognise and at least sometimes get an Idea of what they look like now-a-days! It’s OK for us men of course because we merely get more handsome as we get older.. This does not always work for the girls I knew as although of course they never ever age in any respect whatsoever , most are now married and so the name is not immediately recognised. It would be good if you ladies could let us know your maiden name?…..

Oh I know it should not be necessary, simply because, as I said, you ladies never age, but it might help just a little bit!! Enough to say that James and his team are doing a super job in making it possible for us to reconnect with old friends and memories and have a lot of enjoyment doing it. Many thanks and more power to their collective elbow.

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