We Love Bury St Edmunds!

I arrived in our lovely town in October 1952, probably yowling my head off, at the old West Suffolk hospital.

Several generations down the line, my families have lived here forever. I spent all my formative years in Bury, schooling and work. My family have had restaurants and sandwich shops in town. My father’s cousin had a fish shop behind what was Woolies. I spent happy days with my Grandparents: – learnt a lot through their stories of past Bury.

I Spent days walking around town, playing in the Abbey Gardens, was a member of St Johns ambulance brigade was in many parades.

Then the travelling bug took hold, I even lived on Malta for a time, but wherever I’ve been, it was always back to Bury for me. It’s just a lovely historical town with many merits. I have many dear friends and family still in Bury. I met my husband in the town.

Now I am living in Yorkshire, enjoying a very happy retirement. I often come home and I want to join one of the evening meetings and get to know some more of you Bury friends…