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The Great Storm of October 1987 | Hurricane Len | Bury St Edmunds

Ah, the great storm of Oct ’87. What a night, the wind roared and the rain was torrential.

The next morning we got a call from my husband’s friend, saying ‘I don’t suppose you’ll be able to get over today because of the terrible storm last night? Trees are down all over the place’. So my husband replied, ‘No storm here, it must have missed us’. So we got up, and made ready to go out.

Opened our front door, we weren’t going anywhere! The large Sycamore tree which was beside our drive, had come down overnight and was blocking our car in! We’d somehow managed to sleep right through it all.

Michelle Richards

I suppose my most memorable experiences with the weather, would be the winds and gales we have experienced over the years.

With being a tree surgeon for years working on the electricity network and being out all hours, in all weather’s, clearing trees that have fallen on overhead power cables.

The joy and rewards of receiving a hot cup of tea ,from people who have been without power for hours or sometimes days. We would turn up and get them all back on power and then move on to the next tricky job.

It could be rewarding and also very dangerous, with split and fallen trees and then the added danger of electricity. All in all though I enjoyed it and got to experience being a temporary super hero just for getting someone back on power.

Mark Reynolds

The Great Storm of 1987

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