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My Earliest Memory – I am looking over many many posts from the group, and still I discover more and more about the people and the town.

I have just come across a post made by Caroline, (17/Jan/2016) who asked, “what is your earliest memory of being in Bury St Edmunds”…

Oh the embarrassment of it, but here goes… You may know, my parents had a shop, and I vividly remember crawling into the shop, yes it’s before I could walk, and ripping open a box of Bonio and having a good old munch…

James Sheen

Nigel Stemp ….I remember my 1st day at school …I did a lot of crying…as it was the last place on Earth ..of where I wanted to be!! But it weren’t 1964…..as I would have been in my pram being pushed around in my pram…probably around the streets of Limassol,Cyprus…in fine September sunshine…& heat…not like our present weather, outside today!😆

Dot Horsman I was at st Louis in 1963 with my twin sister when it was a convent with nuns.

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