We Love Bury St Edmunds!

Saint Edmunds Bury millennium tower

Saint Edmunds Bury millennium tower,
seen by the people every hour.
Standing tall it can be seen,
Norman tower, Saint Mary’s in between.
In the ceiling eighty tons of oak,
crafted by trades men it was bespoke.

Hare and Humphries local men

Hare and Humphries local men,
shaped the ceiling for the millennium.
Arranged and fitted with great skill,
to please the eyes of those who will,
take the time to stand and stare,
at the spectacle that is there.

Luckily I was able to stand

Luckily I was able to stand,
and touch this marvel with my hand.
Painted with its colours bright,
to enhance this lovely sight.
One piece is coloured out of hand,
God is perfect but not man.
So take some time when on your own,
man shall not live on bread alone.


By Les Hopton

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