We Love Bury St Edmunds!

Bury Bloomers is a great idea we have some avid gardeners in Bury, including two of my friends who always open their gardens to the public and win awards.

Anna Frankum - arc Planter

Anna Frankum – arc Planter

I loved gardening and this isn’t a bloom story, but had to mention it .We had a lovely large garden, with fruit trees, overflowing borders, lawns, rockery, everyone loved it and was our joy.

We decided to move, potential buyers came, loved the ‘garden’ wanted to know everything about the trees and plants etc. They bought the house :- and within two days every, tree, shrub, flower etc was raised to the ground, absolutely nothing left standing bar the brick walls and some lawn. Imagine our shock when our dear bloom friends who lived opposite rang to tell us the devastating news. The air was blue.