We Love Bury St Edmunds!

Tollgate Primary

Best memories are from after we moved to Lake Avenue. School was Tollgate Primary, so it was Shanks’ pony.

Grammar School

For Grammar School, it was bus to St. Andrews Street then walking through town and the Abbey Gardens. I sometimes went to the Lake Avenue shops on roller skates. After a few years at KEGS, I cycled. In my younger days, when I went to Saturday morning pictures at the Odeon, I used to walk through the Avenues then over Station Hill in order to save my bus money and spend it on sweets or ice cream.

Trains were for longer journeys and trips to London to watch Arsenal now and then, Mulleys also did coach trips to football matches.

We used to visit my grandparents in Sandy Barracks by train – had to order the stop with the ticket collector. Dad was bitten by a mad motorbike, so we didn’t have a car until I was in my teens (around late 50’ies). It was amazing what we could pack in to the sidecar! Not very comfortable with so many bags in between your legs, but we survived – my sister and I in the sidecar and Mum behind Dad.

Learning Team at The Guildhall