We Love Bury St Edmunds!

First this urban myth: The last miracle by St. Edmund was to appear before a congregation informing the town’s people of the impending closure of his church.

Was it Fact or fiction? The first thing is to analyse the facts. We have no date which gives an anchor to work with. We know the king visitors were at the church in 1537.

The urban myth pre dates this fact: not a lot to learn there in the archives. No joy there, no mention of the miracle, but we found out that the devolution of the monastery was 1539. So this post dates the miracle.

So from this we can assume that the miracle happened in 1538 conjecture I know but fitted the story. Ok now we have a date, in the archives nothing. Oh well that’s the end to the miracle of St. Edmund.
NO IT’S NOT! Lets put this myth in the mix and analyze: – 1. Myth seems to point to a date 2. Myth has historical facts 3. no miracle recorded 4. Kings visitor’s visited the abbey in 1537 5. Abbey closed in 1539
So from this what can you conclude? this should be interesting!