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Photo Bomb Moyse’s Hall | Midday | Bury St Edmunds

In January 2016, the Facebook Group, We Love Bury St Edmunds! was just a month old. One of the members who was not living in Bury St Edmunds wanted to hear the bells of Moyse’s Hall.

We hear it all the time living here, but if you are away, it’s one of those things that you would miss. A bit like missing the smell of the Sugar Beet Factory. So the idea of the photo bomb emerged.

So this was the challenge

Effectively this was our first challenge. The challenge was to video the Moyse’s Hall clock, capturing the sound of the bells at midday on a market day. The group rose to the challenge, and this is what happened.

Midday 9th January 2016

Postcard of Moyse’s Hall

St Edmunds Day 2017

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